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Foot Care 30 mins 45 mins 60 mins 90 mins 120 mins

+ Foot Massage w Thai herbal cream

$35 $50 $60 $90 -
LEVEL : Medium

Foot massages are performed using the hands, although treatments may sometimes include the use of sticks or rollers to more effectively stimulate the reflex areas in the foot.

Do not recommend to women with pregnancy.
Thai Massage Series

+ Thai Traditional Massage

$35 - $50 $80 $100
LEVEL : Gentle

Our therapists will use their palms and fingers to apply pressure to your body. You’ll also be stretched and twisted into various positions. You can wear loose, comfortable clothing during the massage.

+ Combination Thai & Aroma Massage

- $55 $65 $100 $125
LEVEL : Medium

Our therapists will apply our Thai Lanna essential oils and Tiger balm on your back and shoulder or up on your request for other parts of body. This massage is based on Thai massage techniques of using finger and palms to apply firm pressure to your body.

Extra bonus with Hot stone therapy and Tiger balm applied.
Oil Massage Series Free Hot Stones

+ Thai Lanna Oil Massage

$45 $60 $65 $100 $125
LEVEL : Soft to Medium

Combination of soft, gentle pressure with the use of Thai Lanna essential oils. You’ll be given a full-body massage while inhaling essential oils through and absorbing them through your skin. Will focus on your back, shoulders, and head.

Extra bonus with Hot stone therapy applied.
Medium pressure to relieve tension , tight muscle and stiffness with essential oil. It has ability to reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches . Essential oil is to encourage relaxation and stress release. The smell of essential goods oils can be inhaled or applied topically can provide healing, soothing, and relaxing effects.
Hot Coconut Oil is medium pressure and 100% pure quality. Soothe and relax stress muscle. Great at anti microbial properties, ageing, rich of Vitamin E
Pregnant Massage with Hot Oil for pregnant womens improves relieves depression, nerves, tension and insomnia.

+ Deep Tissue Massage

$50 $70 $80 $120 $155
LEVEL : Hard

Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than a Thai Traditional Massage with oil. It’s a good option if you have chronic muscle problems. Our therapists will use slow strokes and deep fingers and elbow pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues.

Extra bonus with Hot stone therapy, Hot coconut oil, Tiger balm and Hot pack.

+ Remedial Massage

$50 $75 $85 $125 $160
LEVEL : Soft to Hard - Depends on muscles problems

To repair damaged areas of the body. The pressure applied in this healing treatment can either be strong and deep or gentle and shallow, depending on the problem.

Extra bonus with Hot stone therapy, Hot coconut oil, Thai Herbals oil and Hot pack.

***** Heath Fund Rebate only available with this type of massage*****

Thai Lanna package 1

$95 / 90mins

$185 / 90mins (Couple)

Combination Thai massage + Foot Reflexology

Thai Lanna package 2

$95 / 90mins

$185 / 90mins (Couple)

Thai Lanna Oil Massage + Foot Reflexology

Thai Lanna package 3

$110 / 90mins

$215 / 90mins (Couple)

Deep Tissue Massage + Foot Reflexology


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